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Indiana County District Attorney Patrick Dougherty has announced he is running for re-election.

Dougherty has served as the county’s DA for the last two terms, and prior to his time as the DA, he was the assistant district attorney starting in 2002 under Bob Bell, and was first assistant district attorney under Thomas Bianco starting in 2011.  He is a graduate of both IUP and the Duquesne Law School and was also a part of the private law firm Delaney, Dougherty and Fritz before his work with the county.

Dougherty said in an interview on Indiana in the Morning that there is more to the District Attorney’s office than just prosecuting criminals.

–Pat Dougherty

Dougherty will run for the Democratic nomination.  In mid-January, Indiana Attorney Bob Manzi announced that he would run for the Republican nomination.

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