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Local candidate profile: AnnMarie Everett for Magisterial District Judge

Indiana attorney AnnMarie Everett has announced her candidacy for district judge of Magisterial District 40-2-1, serving Indiana Borough and parts of White Township.

With her well-rounded experience, Everett is seeking both the Republican and Democratic nominations in the May 16 primary election. The seat is being vacated by District Judge Guy Haberl, who will not be seeking re-election.

Everett, 51, a native of Indiana, attended Indiana Area High School before going on to earn her undergraduate degree at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Everett earned her law degree from Duquesne School of Law, where she graduated in 2010. After graduation, Everett served as a public defender for five years while also building a private practice.

“I’ve primarily focused on family law in my private practice — custody, divorce, child support, spousal support, adoptions. As a public defender, there was a heavy criminal caseload. A large majority of the cases that come before a magistrate are criminal, so my criminal experience sets me apart. I have an in-depth understanding of criminal proceedings, especially of the defense side.”

“I have a strong sense of fairness and justice,” she says. “I pride myself on being able to see both sides of every issue and my ability to assess things fairly based on all of the available information. One of the important attributes of a judge is the ability to see things from many different viewpoints without any preconceived notions. I’m able to look at each case individually, based on the facts, and make a fair judgment.”

In addition to her legal career, Everett is also active in her community. She is a delegate to the Pennsylvania Bar Association House of Delegates and is a past president of Rotary of Indiana — Mid-Day.

Everett has also served on the board of directors of the United Way of Indiana, Downtown Indiana, Laurel Legal Services and serves on the IUP Athletics Advancement Council.

“I want to run for magistrate because I have a long track record of serving the community. I feel that this is the next progression in not only my career but in serving the community where I have resided most of my life.” she said.

Everett is particularly proud of the hard work that got her to this point in her career.

“I went to law school when I was 36 years old. I went nights during the week for four years at Duquesne. I worked, raised two kids, and commuted back and forth from Pittsburgh every day. I’m not afraid to take on a challenge.”

Everett, who has been practicing law for 12 years, is dedicated to upholding the principles of fairness and justice in her community. “As a district judge, I will work to ensure that every individual who appears in my courtroom is treated with respect and receives a fair hearing,” said Everett. “I am excited to have the opportunity to serve my community as District Judge and to make a positive impact on the legal system in Indiana County.”

AnnMarie and her husband, H. Michael, live in Indiana Borough. Their son, Kerian, and daughter, Logan, both reside in Pittsburgh.

For more information about Everett’s campaign, visit her website at

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